Farmer jailed 10 years for inflicting cutlass wounds on pregnant wife

Farmer jailed 10 years for inflicting cutlass wounds on pregnant wife

A Dambai Circuit Court has sentenced a 42- year-old farmer, Anas Ibrahim, to 22 years in prison for inflicting cutlass wounds on his pregnant wife at Banda in the Krachi Nchumuru District of the Oti Region.

The court, presided over by Osman Abdul-Hakeem, convicted the accused on his own plea, and sentenced him accordingly.He was sentenced to five, seven and 10 years each for assault, for inflicting multiple cutlass wounds and attempted murder with the sentence going consecutively.

Detective Chief Inspector S. K. Gavor, prosecuting, informed the court that Anas inflicted multiple cutlass wounds on his pregnant wife on a farm in Banda on May 28, 2024, without provocation.He said investigations indicated that the suspect invaded his wife’s house at about 0100 hours without her notice and knocked on the door but did not have access of entry.He said the following morning, the suspect ambushed the wife and butchered her severally, and was taken to the Banda Health Centre and later referred to Kpandai Polyclinic for further medical treatment.

Chief Inspector Gavor said the victim had since been discharged from the hospital.Anas, in response to the charges, said he did not intend to butcher his wife on the farm, but she broke his head with a stick, resulting in blood oozing out, which infuriated him to attack her.


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