Persons breaking closed season arrangements will be dealt with – Fisheries Ministry

The Fisheries Enforcement Unit of the Ministry of Fisheries and Aquaculture Development has warned to fisherfolk to strictly adhere to the closed fishing season exercise.

According to the National Coordinator of the unit, Commodore Francis Ayiteyvi Nyarko, his team has deployed enough personnel to monitor the coast to ensure that no fisherman goes on a fishing expedition during this period.

The government has implemented the 2024 closed fishing season for both artisanal fishermen and industrial trawlers, which began on July 1.

Speaking to the media, Commodore Ayiteyvi Nyarko stated that the marine police, navy, and other security agencies are on board to ensure the exercise is conducted effectively.

He warned that the law would be applied against anyone found breaking the arrangements of the closed season.

“Anybody that we arrest, we will hand them over to the police for the appropriate action to be taken against them. The enforcement team comprises the Marine Police, the Navy, MCS personnel and then any other security personnel that may be available.

Now we are doing this in close collaboration with the Navy in particular. The police are strongly behind us. So it is teamwork. For them to accept that this closed season has come to stay, it is a law that we are enforcing, so we don’t expect them to do the things we don’t want them to do.”

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