Criminologist urges enhanced parental supervision amid rising child abductions

A Criminologist, Dr. Jones Opoku Ware, is advocating for enhanced parental or guardian supervision of children in light of a concerning trend where several children have been reported missing via social media.

Dr. Jones Opoku Ware attributes this issue to instances where parents fail to closely monitor their children, often allowing them to be outdoors unaccompanied.

In an interview with Citi News, Dr. Jones Opoku Ware expressed concern about the issue, asserting the need for enhanced parental supervision.

“There has been research that has been published in 2022 that there are certain things that expose children to being victimised in terms of this crime. Normally, you find children who are playing outside unsupervised or you find children walking alone to school or kids that have been sent by their parents.

“So if you look at all these things you will find out that the key condition that actually exposes these children is that they are unsupervised. So if you look at the posters on social media, you will see that they are children of school-going age and that should tell you about the fact that the lack of parental supervision is what is causing this so I will be very glad if parents pay more attention to their children.”


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