Missing corpse found after two-month search in Ashaiman

Missing corpse found after two-month search in Ashaiman

A corpse that went missing from the Ashaiman Trinity Hospital morgue over two months ago has been found.The body was reported missing on Friday, April 19, 2024, just a day before the planned burial.After a persistent search by Trinity Hospital authorities and the family of the deceased, Mary Opari Animle, it was determined that the corpse had been mistakenly taken by a different family whose deceased also had the first name, Mary.

The family that had wrongfully taken the body agreed with the District Court in Ashaiman, which issued an order for the hospital and both families to exhume the corpse from the cemetery.During this process, the actual body of Mary Opari Animle was discovered.The body has since been returned to the Trinity Hospital morgue and arrangements for the burial are currently ongoing.


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