Amansie Central residents lament destruction of forest by ‘galamseyers’

Amansie Central residents lament destruction of forest by ‘galamseyers’

Residents of Amansie Central in the Ashanti Region have voiced their concerns over the rampant illegal mining activities.They lamented that, the issue is devastating the local forest cover, damaging the road network, and affecting the community’s young women.These issues were highlighted during a recent visit by Adom News to assess the challenges faced by the community.

Residents expressed their frustrations with the deteriorating road conditions, which have become nearly impassable for cars, especially for critical transportation such as taking pregnant women to medical facilities.

According to them, the road’s poor state discourages commercial vehicles from using it, leaving residents to rely on tricycles and motorbikes.This situation poses significant risks and discomfort, particularly for expectant mothers.

They alleged that, influential individuals in positions of authority are complicit in the illegal mining activities.These “big men,” they claim frequently visit the area in heavy vehicles, further contributing to the degradation of the road infrastructure.The illicit mining and logging activities not only deplete the forest reserves but also severely damage the roads, making them unfit for regular vehicular use.Residents also raised concerns about the social impact of the galamsey operations, noting that the miners allegedly impregnate young girls in the community and abandon them.

Furthermore, they claimed that the galamseyers sometimes resort to violence, allegedly killing individuals they perceive as threats to their operations.The residents of Amansie Central are calling for urgent intervention to address the destruction caused by illegal mining activities, to restore the roads, protect their forest reserves and safeguard the welfare of their young girls.


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