Mahama reveals reason for re-seeking presidential bid

Mahama reveals reason for re-seeking presidential bid

Former President John Dramani Mahama has detailed his reasons for seeking the presidency again, highlighting severe governance issues under the current administration.

Mahama cited pervasive corruption, nepotism, and the mismanagement of national resources as driving factors behind his decision to run in the 2024 elections.According to Mahama, the nation has witnessed a decline in public morale and an increase in despair, necessitating urgent leadership change and a new direction for the country.

He emphasized the need for sound and prudent economic management, which he pledges to bring through comprehensive governance and economic reforms.His plans include stabilizing the Cedi, promoting sustainable growth, and ensuring an equitable distribution of wealth.Mahama also expressed concern over the Akufo-Addo-Bawumia administration’s alleged irresponsible sale of state lands and properties.He intends to investigate these transactions and repossess state assets if elected, to prevent further erosion of national resources.

His campaign will focus on restoring integrity and efficiency in governance, aiming to uplift the nation’s economic and social well-being.


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