My respect for Nana Addo has turned into disappointment — Franklin Cudjoe

My respect for Nana Addo has turned into disappointment — Franklin Cudjoe

the president of IMANI Africa. Cudjoe, known for his sharp insights and unwavering commitment to transparency and good governance, has been vocal in his criticism of President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo’s administration.

Cudjoe in a Facebook post began by acknowledging his long-standing respect and admiration for Nana Addo.

He recalled the president’s significant contributions to promoting freedom from totalitarian rule in Ghana.

Their relationship was once marked by mutual respect, with the president publicly expressing his admiration for Cudjoe’s work.

Their professional interactions date back to before the 2016 elections, when Cudjoe and his colleagues at IMANI Africa were invited by Nana Addo and his advisers to discuss the feasibility of the Free SHS program.

Although they disagreed with the universal free education approach, they provided detailed analyses projecting enrollment figures and financial outlays up to 2020. This early collaboration underscored a shared commitment to improving Ghana’s educational landscape.

He said despite their early camaraderie, his respect for Nana Addo has turned into disappointment and criticism.

He pointed to a range of issues that have plagued the administration, accusing the president of allowing his ministers and some CEOs of state enterprises to run the economy aground.

Among his criticisms are economic mismanagement where Cudjoe argued that the NPP administration under Nana Addo has overseen the most fiscally reckless economy since Ghana’s independence, resulting in enormous debts and cutting the country off from borrowing from international markets.

He said he’s disappointed in the President’s unchecked illegal mining activities have led to the destruction of pristine rivers and forests.

On corruption and procurement scams, Cudjoe highlighted several high-profile procurement scams, including the SML, PDS, KelniGVG, and the 5G network license deals.

He noted that only 25% of funds from the Frontiers Health COVID-19 deal were applied to COVID-related interventions, with 85% of all procured contracts bypassing the GIFMIS system, which could have tracked these malpractices.

He added that the overly generous GENSER gas deal and poor decisions in the oil sector, particularly the Aker oil deal, have cost Ghana almost $30 billion.

Additionally, the mismanagement of the Trade Fair Centre under supposedly superior management adds to the administration’s list of failures.

One of Cudjoe’s most pointed criticisms is directed at the president’s contentious Cathedral project.

He described it as a symbol of mismanagement and misplaced priorities, predicting that it will remain incomplete by the end of Nana Addo’s term.

This, he argued, epitomises the administration’s failure to deliver on its promises.

Cudjoe concluded by emphasising that true friends speak truth to power.

He remained hopeful that their friendship might be rekindled if Nana Addo acknowledges and apologises for the administration’s shortcomings in his memoirs.

Until then, Cudjoe said he remain steadfast in his critique, driven by a desire for accountability and better governance.

In summary, Franklin Cudjoe’s criticism of Nana Addo’s administration is rooted in a deep disappointment with the direction the country has taken under his leadership.

His detailed and candid assessment underscores the importance of accountability, transparency, and good governance in shaping Ghana’s future.


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